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Products Reviews and Rates
Product ratings and reviews on Kompare allow you to browse products and make an informed decision regarding your purchase based on reviews of other users who have already purchased the product and posted their rating and opinion of the product.
I posted a review on a product, why is it not shown?
All reviews undergo reviews by the Kompare content team. Only reviews that have been verified and approved by a team of content specialists will be posted on the site. You can see the status of your reviews in the “My Kompare” section which will allow you to see if your review has been rejected, or approved.
Why was my product review rejected?
Common reasons that reviews are rejected are:
- The review contains profanity, swearing , explicit language or content of a defamatory nature.
- The review contains personal information, phone numbers and email addresses
- The review contains links to other sites/products/merchants.
- The review is considered to be of a promotional nature to a merchant or product.
- The review contains information about another product.
- The review is not detailed enough.
At any time, you are able to send the review through with the required changes that will allow the review to be published.
Do Kompare change the reviews of users?
No – Reviews posted on Kompare are posted as they are, without deleting, adding or modifying text.
How long will it take before my review is published?
Kompare makes every effort to post your review as soon as possible. In some cases, it could take a few days for the moderator to approve the review.
How do I update a rejected review?
To update the review, you will have to click on “Submit Review”. The system will detect that you have already written a review for this product and will give you the original text, allowing you to edit it and send it again. You will not be able to change the rating given to the product, only the review itself.


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